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Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Function Page
Function Name: IsSibling
Category: Navigation
Description: The IsSibling function returns either true or false depending on whether the supplied member is a sibling of another supplied member.
Syntax: ISSIBLING( «Member1»,«Member2» )
Technet Link: MDX IsSibling Function

The query below returns True or False if the current member of the Calendar hierarchy is at the first generation. The first generation is the month level.
      MEMBER [Measures].[IsASib] AS
      ISSIBLING([Date].[Calendar].CurrentMember, [Date].[Calendar].[CY 2002])
      {[Measures].[IsASib]} ON COLUMNS,
      {[Date].[Calendar].AllMembers} ON ROWS
      [Adventure Works]

The following query uses the Filter function along with the IsSibling function to return all members of the Calendar hierarchy that are siblings to CY 2002.

      {} ON COLUMNS,
      FILTER({[Date].[Calendar].AllMembers}, ISSIBLING([Date].[Calendar].CurrentMember, [Date].[Calendar].[CY 2002])) ON ROWS
      [Adventure Works]


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