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Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Function Page
Function Name: KPITrend
Category: KPI
Description: The KPITrend function returns the trend for the specified KPI.
Syntax: KPITREND( «String Expression» )
Technet Link: MDX KPITrend Function

The query below shows the KPITrend for the Revenue KPI for all fiscal years. Included on the 0 axis is the KPIValue, KPIGoal, and KPITrend.

      {KPIVALUE("Revenue"), KPIGOAL("Revenue"), KPISTATUS("Revenue"), KPITREND("Revenue")} ON COLUMNS,
      {[Date].[Fiscal].[Fiscal Year].Members} ON ROWS
      [Adventure Works]
You will notice when the Sales Amount equals the Revenue goal, the value of the KPITrend is 0. When the Sales Amount is greater than the Revenue Goal, the trend value is set to 1...and conversely, when the Sales Amount is less than the Revenue Goal, then a negative 1 is shown. The trend value usually ranges from -1 to 1 with -1 meaning down trend, 0 meaning no trend, and 1 up trend.


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